My Mind Body Wellness Program 

One Day Workshop

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs - Develop a Positive Mindset - Establish Healthy Habits

CanSurvive, 69 Park Rd, Nambour QLD 4560 
10th March 2018 | 8.30 am until 5.00 pm

 Eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Develop a Positive Mindset, Establish Healthy Habits, Create the Life you Wish to Live

Dr Sally James - Clinical Psychologist + Mind-Body Wellness Coach

I am passionate about Mind-Body coaching and empowering clients to achieve optimal health,
to live an authentic life + to be the best version of themselves!
I offer the following opportunities for personal growth:

Mind-Body Wellness Programs  ~   Mindset for Health seminars/workshops
~  Psychological Treatment  ~  Qigong Classes  ~  Personal Training  ~
Performance Coaching

I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, a member of the APS College of Health Psychologists. I am a qualified Personal Trainer + Qigong Instructor.

I look forward to starting your journey with you!