A Positive Mindset is widely considered a key cognitive attribute associated with most forms of achievement and successful outcomes. In my presentations I discuss individual and environmental factors that influence a persons “Mindset’. Cognitive factors have an important influence on a persons Mindset about Health, and their ability to adhere to medical, psychological and fitness protocols and engage in health behaviours essential to achieving optimal wellness and happiness.

MINDSET  Presentations + Workshops + Seminars

I present to a wide variety of groups such as the Sunshine Coast Branch of the APS, Allied Health Professionals, Cancer Support groups, other charities and organizations on topics relating to the Mind –Body Connection. I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, a member of the APS College of Health Psychologists; she is a qualified Personal Trainer + Qigong Instructor. I hold accreditations in nutrition, exercise + fitness programming for adults, children. I maintain a holistic philosophy on psychological health and wellbeing and am an advocate of positive psychology. I maintain a special interest in the current scientific research on Psychoneuroimmunology, Quantum Mechanics and the Human Potential Movement.