Mind Body Wellness Programs with Dr Sally James

 My Mind Body Wellness Program

A Unique Program for Unique Individuals


My Intention is to EMPOWER YOU to:

Understand the ‘Self’ – your unique ‘self’ from a Mind-Body perspective
Identify your Story – how did you get here, your dreams, desires and disappointments
Determine your Obstacles – your unique personal challenges in your lifetime so far
Discover your Life Purpose – your Archetypes and personal calling
Create your own Personal Narrative – the Life you WANT to live
Commit to Change – to ‘self first’, to your own personal calling
Establish Confidence – build mental and physical stamina
Persist with a daily Mind-Body practice – for personal stamina + physical Immunity
Persevere and Stay Focused – with your ‘Self’ development and own life path.
Achieve Coherence – Through Mind, Heart and Body Techniques

Participation in My Mind Body Wellness Program requires:

Ownership: To accept responsibility for your health and wellbeing
Commitment: To attend Weekly Group Sessions for 10 Weeks
Dedication: To participate in weekly 90 minutes’ sessions
Motivation: To complete weekly self development activities
Vulnerability: To explore the unknown parts of your ‘self ‘
Courage: To accept your Inner Strengths and Weaknesses
Determination: To do what you need to do to improve your life
Perseverance: To endure personal discomfort and + opinions from others
Trust: Your Coach…. I have your back…You are Safe…..You Can do this!

My Mantra is Gandhi’s famous quote- ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’…Are You With Me?

Group Participation is by application only: register your interest at info@drsallyjames.com
An information and application package will be emailed to you!

I look forward to starting your Journey with you