Dr Sally James
Dr Sally James
PhD Clinical Psychology, MAPS

Clinical Psychologist
Mind Body Wellness Coach
EFT Practitioner
Qigong Instructor

• Australian Psychology Society (APS)
• APS Clinical College
• APS College of Health Psychologists
• Psychology Board of Australia
• Fitness Australia

About Dr Sally James

I am a Clinical Psychologist devoted to fostering health, wellbeing and happiness in others. My programs are Unique and Individualised, designed to meet your specific challenges. I maintain a holistic philosophy on psychological health and wellbeing and am an advocate of positive psychology and Lifestyle Medicine. I have two specific area's of interest, the first being Mindset’ and the second in Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of the Mind Body connection, the interaction between psychological processes, the nervous and immune systems of the human body and disease. I classify myself as an eclectic coach and therapist, meaning I integrate the very best evidence based theories and practices from the behavioural, neurological, health, exercise and nutritional sciences into my programs, workshops and retreats.

Qualifications and Professional Experience

I have over 17 years of experience working in the field of Clinical Psychology. I achieved the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University in 2004 and since then have helped many children, teenagers, adults and families build coping and resiliency skills. The topic of my PhD was titled ‘Early Intervention and Prevention of Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents’.

I consider my knowledge and wisdom comes from my own personal and professional experience and having worked in a range of private, academic and educational settings. I have worked in Private Practice, Educational Settings and have held the position of Senior Psychologist/Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I have published several research articles in the field of child anxiety and worked throughout Queensland as a presenter of training workshops in prevention programs for anxiety and depression in schools. I have also presented at several Psychology conferences including the Australian Clinical Psychology Conference in 2011/2012 on the topic of parenting.

In 2015 I discovered the scientific field of Psychoneuroimmunolgy (PNI) and with great enthusiasm commenced on a journey of expanding my professional skills to encompass an holistic approach to psychological health that integrated Mind and Body techniques. I maintain a special interest in the current scientific research on PNI, Quantum Mechanics and the Human Potential Movement.

I currently enjoy working with individuals in one-on-one therapy, conducting small group Mind Body Wellness Programs/Workshops and public speaking. I present to a wide variety of groups such as the Sunshine Coast Branch of the APS, Allied Health Professionals, Cancer Support groups and other organisations on topics relating to the Mind –Body Connection.

I have a personal interest in sports and been involved in sports and fitness most of my life competing at National level in athletics and Netball. I obtained a Higher National Diploma in Sports Science and Administration prior to leaving the UK and moving to Australia. I am an accredited Exercise and Fitness instructor and hold qualifications in Nutrition and Exercise for adults, youth and children. I am also accredited to teach Qigong for Health and Fitness. I currently train and compete in Olympic and Sprint Distance Triathlon.

My Journey

I have a naturally energetic personality and passionate nature. My motivation to work as a psychologist arises from my deep compassion for people, to empower others to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I hold a strong commitment to providing a service to humanity.

My life, like many, has been fought with ups and downs and I’ve travelled my own journey through chronic illness. It is through the techniques I use in therapy that I regained my health and wellbeing and obtained a deep gratitude for the Mind-Body quantum. And I learnt some invaluable life lessons along the way.

I consider developing insight, finding joy in life and a sense of humour pivotal to health and resilience. I truly enjoy helping individuals develop self-confidence and self-esteem. I believe100% in lifelong learning and growth mind set – as human beings our potential is limitless. I enjoy improving my own personal abilities and I continuously engage in professional learning to enhance my own cognitive and physical capacity and subsequently my coherence and aptitude in therapy.

I believe in authenticity; I walk my talk 100%. I am an ambassador and advocate of healthy holistic living, which I consider involves a positive mindset, regular activity, finding joy in life, laughing, healthy nutrition and optimal rest and relaxation. Everyday I am grateful for my life, my mind, my body, my children, my family and friends, this beautiful planet, for working in my profession and doing what I do. And everyday I look forward to working with my clients and helping them on their own journey to happiness and health.

My Mantra is ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’…Gandhi

Dr Sally James